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3 simple ways to grow your B2B sales pitch opportunities

GCL | 15 July 2019

Lead generation, which in-turn leads to sales pitch opportunities, is the life blood of any business. Whether your business succeeds or fails depends on your ability to connect with potential customers and convert them into clients. But this leads to the first challenge that many businesses have to deal with: how do you connect with potential leads in the first place?


In this blog, we’ll unpack three different ways that you can connect with potential customers and grow your sales pitch opportunities. But first, there’s one important issue we need to discuss.


The quality of your leads matter

You might want to gather as many leads as possible and attempt to reach out to all of them, but you'll soon find that this approach is an expensive waste of time. For example, a lead might give you their contact information, only for you to reach out to them and find that they can’t afford your product or don’t need your service. To increase your conversion rate, you’ll need to filter out the leads that aren’t a good match for your business. 


Now let’s look at three ways you can find such leads.

Create or update your contact lists

Contact lists are a tried-and-tested way to identify people who are interested in your products and services. Whether you use content to incentivise people to share their contact info, or you have a landing page for your newsletter on your website, there are different approaches to building a contact list for your organisation.


However, as we discussed earlier, the quality of these leads may vary. This is why it’s important to perform maintenance on that list. Follow up on lead information  to see if they’re actually a good fit. If not, don’t be afraid to cut them from the list. Remember, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to growing a list of potential customers.


Existing customer referrals

What better way to connect with new leads than through word of mouth? Assuming your company is able to maintain favourable relationships with your clients, they're likely already talking about your fantastic service to potential leads. 


Even if they aren't praising your company from the rooftops, you should still consider asking them for a reference. A positive word from a former or existing client is an extremely powerful tool for attracting new leads. 

LinkedIn is the best social media source for B2B

When it comes to social media marketing, most people think of Instagram or Facebook. But for B2B leads, LinkedIn should be your primary focus. LinkedIn has tools that allow you to narrow down your search and connect with high quality leads. For example, you can filter contacts by industry, company size and location, to find new contacts that are a good fit. 


Another great way to use LinkedIn is to do additional research on leads you’ve already established. You can browse their LinkedIn profile to gather more information on their businesses and how they operate, before putting time and energy into a call.

Take your B2B marketing and sales to the next level

These three tips will help you grow your sales pitch opportunities; however, your work is far from done. While you’ve started your journey to overcome the first major hurdle, there are other areas you will need to master if you want to create a winning sales pitch and grow your company. To find out more on how you can achieve this, be sure to download our ebook here. In our ebook, How To Create A Winning Sales Pitch, you’ll also learn about setting appointments over the phone, how confidence and preparation go hand-in-hand, and how to bring it all together.


GCL are B2B telemarketers who operate across the globe. If your organisation is looking to expand into the EMEA, America or other developing regions and don’t have the required in-house expertise, we can assist. If you’d like to find out more about our services, and how our almost 3 decades of B2B telemarketing experience can benefit your business, contact us today.


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