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3 Tactics To Drive Your Account-Based Marketing Process

Jenny | 25 May 2017

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Account-based marketing is about getting the biggest bang from your marketing buck. This focuses your marketing budget on those high-value accounts and customers that you want to be selling to in the first place.

This is, in many ways, what sales teams have been pushing for all along. I mean, what’s the point of increasing the company’s marketing spend if only a handful of people or companies are exposed to a campaign and actually respond to it? Or even worse—trying to reach too many companies and professionals with a single campaign, only to end up with generic messaging that spreads too thin and fails to engage anyone important.

You know this already, so there’s no point preaching to the account-based marketing choir. Instead, I’m going to use this blog post to highlight a few helpful tactics to take your account-based marketing vision and make it a lucrative reality.


Here are three essential tactics that you can employ to drive your business’s account-based marketing process:


Develop prospect-specific content and offers

Personalisation is a sure way to stand out and impress high-value prospects. Everyone likes to feel special and listened to, so, go out of your way to create marketing content that’s relevant and tailored to the specific needs of your priority prospects. The degree of personalisation will inevitably depend on the prospect, but, generally speaking, the more detailed you can go, the better.

This will immediately frame your company in a positive light, as it demonstrates that you’re willing to go the extra mile to deliver premium content and service at every stage of your engagement. Prospect-specific offers have the additional benefit of demonstrating that you have a keen understanding of their industry, pain points and professional needs. Simply put: if a prospect is valuable to you, you need to maximise your value for the prospect.

Optimise communication channels for each account

While there are overarching trends when it comes to picking a communication channel to engage with prospects, make sure that any channels used for high-priority prospects are chosen for a reason. If prospects favour more traditional communication channels, (like speaking over the phone), then it’s worth tailoring your marketing accordingly. This is a great opportunity to leverage your personalised content, as your prospect will be more receptive to your offer if they hear about it through a medium they know and trust.

If, for example, your prospect is a younger, more tech-savvy business, then you can employ more appropriate marketing channels like social media, blog posts, video and mobile-friendly content. Just make sure that every decision you make is based on factual information you have on your prospect. To achieve this, marketing should have the necessary resources to research the needs and wants of key decision-makers in the target company.

Personalise your website's user experience

Another highly effective way to drive your account-based marketing process with increased personalisation is to tailor how your website is experienced for each unique account. For instance, you can personalise your various landing pages with dynamic fields that insert your prospect’s name or company. You can even go as far as to provide custom design, imagery and forms according to where the visitor is accessing your site from. This account-specific website experience will further add to the premium feel of your brand, and encourage your high-value prospects to convert into high-value customers.

GCL is a leader in account-based B2B telemarketing, with over 27 years of experience sourcing and enhancing the high-quality B2B marketing data you need for a successful account-based marketing process. To learn more, download a copy of our free guide, “How Account Based Marketing Can Revolutionise Your B2B Marketing.”

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