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Four Signs That You’ll Waste Your Marketing Budget In 2017

By Romaana Mahtey | 10 January 2017


“I want to waste my marketing budget in 2017”, said no marketer ever! Yet, many will do so because they’re investing time and effort into activities that inadvertently squander resources. And as every marketer knows, your budget, and how well you use it, are determining factors in the success of your marketing campaigns.

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Nine Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring a B2B Sales Candidate

By Romaana Mahtey | 14 December 2016


Hiring the right B2B sales candidate (or indeed, any prospective employee) is a gamble. You’ve only got a CV, a handful of half hour interviews, and one or two references to rely on. Can you really be sure that the sales candidate you’re about to hire will make good on their promise to close deals and do their part to drive revenue up?

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DMA Guest Blog - War of the Worlds: Sales vs Marketing

By Romaana Mahtey | 6 December 2016

sales and marketing departments working together

Next in our DMA blog series, we give a playful take on the notorious rivalry between sales and marketing departments, and why this age-oldbattle does nothing to improve revenue growth – let alone morale.

Here’s an excerpt from the blog:

You’d be hard pressed to pinpoint exactly when the war between sales and marketing kicked off – and why it’s raged on for so long.Yet, the rivalry between the two camps still exists:

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Five Low Cost B2B Marketing Ideas For Marketing Managers

By Romaana Mahtey | 8 November 2016


I know what you might be thinking – low cost B2B marketing solutions only offer a quick fix when it comes to generating leads and increasing ROI, and to create long-term growth and actual conversions, a large budget is required.

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How To Get Your Content Marketing Right for Each Stage of Your Buyers Funnel

By Romaana Mahtey | 19 October 2016


Content marketing is the wave of the future”, heralds the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). That’s a pretty bold statement, but one that has plenty of evidence to support it.

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How to do B2B content marketing that works

By Romaana Mahtey | 6 September 2016


Despite the widespread adoption of content marketing, many businesses struggle to use content to drive meaningful results. Why? Because they lack an effective strategy.

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