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Why outsource your telemarketing for GDPR compliance?

James Crowder | 27 April 2018

Image from Pixabay

The 25th of May 2018 is the date that’s been niggling at the forefront of your mind, as a B2B marketer. Some are calling it ‘D-Day’, others go as far as labelling it a ‘new regime’. The day that GDPR comes into effect is painted as a revolution, a radical change in the way data is handled, far too often. In result, it seems as if the challenge to become GDPR compliant is too steep, too much of a minefield of cryptic subclauses that’ll erupt from under your feet and land you in a hefty penalty.


Amidst the noise about dramatic shifts and complex legislations, B2B marketers are looking to cut through to the facts of the new law and piece together a plan for their businesses to become and remain compliant with GDPR.


Your lead generation that happens over the phone is just one of the many processes that must align with GDPR regulations. While your business is ultimately responsible for developing a company-wide GDPR compliant data strategy, outsourcing to a telemarketing agency is a tactic that can be used to help you to check the accuracy and quality of your lead generation data.


Calling teams from lead generation agencies are experienced in checking their clients’ data. Ensuring that your data is accurate fulfils one of the principles of GDPR. Calling teams can assist you in checking for opt-in consent, in other words, that your contacts have explicitly stated that they want to hear more about your products or services.


What’s more, lead generation agencies have experience in profiling data to help you to identify which contacts have a legitimate interest in your offer. Plus, they have experience in assisting clients with managing the quality of data by ensuring that it’s factually correct and ascertaining the communication preferences of each contact.


A calling team from a lead generation agency with knowledge about the process of checking data is likely to be faster at doing so than an inhouse team with less experience in this area. Outsourcing to a telemarketing agency to support the validation of your lead generation data could reduce the time your business spends on this process, which creates the opportunity for your internal team to focus on matters of potentially greater importance.


Additionally, the lead generation agency could potentially advise your inhouse team on how to approach calls that are seeking opt-in consent better or how to profile your data effectively.


Finally, lead generation agencies can help you to ensure appropriate security of your data, which is another principle of GDPR. They could improve how swiftly you respond to a data breach by calling your contacts to notify them about what’s happened.


In summary, outsourcing telemarketing for GDPR compliance benefits lead generation in the following ways:


  1. The calling team is experienced in checking data.
  2. The calling team can check data quickly.
  3. Your internal team can focus on other work aside from checking data.
  4. The calling team can help you to respond to a data breach faster.


To explore more of the advantages of outsourcing telemarketing for GDPR compliance, delve into this eBook:

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