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Telemarketing: An Underappreciated B2B Marketing Channel

GCL | 8 July 2019

Whether because of robocalls or telemarketers offering services and products you’re not interested in, people don’t always have the most positive attitude towards telemarketing. 


But what if I told you that B2B telemarketing was a completely different beast? That, when it comes to B2B, all marketing channels have their benefits and that telemarketing serves a very specific and effective role in your B2B marketing strategy? After all, email may be good over a medium timescale (if you have quality data), and SEO is undoubtedly a vital part of your long term strategy, but what if you need to fill the sales gap for your last quarter?  


This is where, even though telemarketing costs more, it is undoubtedly a key part of your marketing toolkit. And in this blog, we’ll look at several studies and reports that highlight how important telemarketing is to your overall B2B marketing strategy.

The Demand Generation Benchmark Report

Demand Gen Report is a publication that was launched in 2007 with the aim of providing coverage on product innovations and insights for B2B marketing professionals. Their report, The Demand Generation Benchmark Report assessed what was most effective when it came to demand generation. These assessments looked at a number of different areas. Here’s two of their key findings about telemarketing:

- At 41%, telemarketing is ahead of online advertising, retargeting, content syndication, direct mail and predictive channels. And while there are other channels  of telemarketing, the performance of some of them, such as email, is in decline.

- When it came to Top Channels For Driving Later-Stage Leads, telemarketing came in second at 42%.

Bizible study on the most effective B2B marketing channels

Bizible, leading developers of revenue attribution and planning software for B2B marketing teams, performed an industry analysis on the most effective B2B marketing channels


For Business Services, Logistics and IT Marketers, outbound calling beats direct mail, paid search, email marketing and social media. For the Marketing and Creative Services, Outbound calling came in ahead of partner marketing, social media, direct mail, paid search and conference/trade show booth.

Marketing Charts research into demand generation channels and tactics

MarketingCharts is one of the leading hubs for marketing data, graphics and analyses for professionals in or affected by the marketing industry. In their study, they analysed which demand generation channels and tactics were the most effective for B2B marketers. They found that telemarketing was more effective at driving conversions later in the funnel than Retargeting, Direct mail, Search, Social, Predictive analytics, Content syndication, and Online ads.

Placester's research into the best methods for finding new B2B customers in real estate

Placester is a software developer in the real estate industry. They develop digital tools that help real estate professionals collaborate and improve customer experience so their businesses can grow. In their study, they found telemarketing to be more effective than many channels for B2B lead generation including Tradeshows, Conferences, Email or Electronic Newsletters, Company Website, Webinars, Search Marketing, and Virtual, On-Demand Events.

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