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The 5 Best Ways To Boost Registrations For Your Company's Conference Or Event

Romaana Mahtey | 14 December 2018

 Many organisations are taking advantage of the promotional and sales opportunities conferences and events provide. But these opportunities will only be available if your event has attendees.

Here are five of the best registration approaches to ensure you get the attendees you need for your event to be a success.

Keep Your Registration Simple

The first step is ensuring that someone interested in your event can easily find a way to register, whether online or telephonically. A complicated and lengthy registration process will be seen as an annoyance, possibly costing you attendees, so make sure registration is as simple and intuitive as possible.

Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool for promoting your event, but you need to cut through the noise if you want people to notice you. This can be achieved by choosing the right platform to promote your event on. For many corporate events, the best social media platform to rely on will be LinkedIn, since it specifically caters for the needs of the business world and is most likely to reach your desired target market. Companies promoting their events via social media should use relevant imagery — and again, ensure that people can access the registration process as easily as possible. Your registration options must be easily identifiable on your social media content.

Email Marketing

Email might seem an obvious choice to get more registrations, since practically every working professional uses it. However, people may be concerned that their emails might be ignored, or filtered into the spam folder. This is why companies should take advantage of permission marketing. Permission marketing, a term coined by Seth Godin in his 1999 book of the same name, refers to a marketing approach where prospects opt-in. This is commonly used for email campaigns, and yields much higher open and click-through rates than unsolicited emails. Taking advantage of an opt-in mailing list will further increase the registration rate for your event promotion emails.

Post-event Communication

Post-event communication is not only a great way to get feedback on an event, but also a reliable option for acquiring registrations for your next event. Many of your event attendees will still be feeling the post-event excitement, which you can take advantage of to improve registration numbers for your next events. This can easily be achieved using the tools you used to connect with attendees: email, instant messengers, telephone, in-app messaging.

Early-bird Registration

Offering incentives for early registration, such as discounts or exclusive access to certain talks or parts of your event, is a great way to increase the number of attendees. Companies can offer these deals to previous attendees who have already demonstrated an interest in their event, or to anyone interested in the event.

These are five ways you can improve the number of attendees to your event and ensure it’s a success for your organisation.

If you are looking for additional advice on how to improve the overall effectiveness of your event communication, be sure to take a look at our guide Strategies For Maximising The Impact Of Event Communication. If you are looking for a telemarketing partner to offer you assistance with implementing these strategies, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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