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The Impact Of Using High-quality B2B Data For Telesales

Elizabeth Hamer | 15 November 2018

Imagine your existing B2B marketing data as a tried-and-trusted car, linking you to the world the way data connects businesses to prospects. You’ve had it for years and it’s been a reliable companion for as long as you can remember (except for that time the radiator erupted and spewed scalding water while enroute to an important interview). Point is, despite a few unfortunate instances, your plain car’s been an ever-reliable fallback — a friend of sorts — getting you from A to B, and anywhere in between (so long as it’s not too far out of town). A perfectly adequate asset...

But in this day and age, is ‘adequate’ enough? Take the technological advancements driving the motor industry, for instance. Think of how revolutionary electric and AI-enhanced vehicles are proving to be for the market. Consider the moving parts of a state-of-the-art car; how each component has been meticulously honed for peak performance using minimal resources for maximum output. Unlike, say, the jittery inner workings of your old jalopy, which has developed a rather irritating habit of leaking oil onto the concrete of your office parking bay.

The same could be said of data (not the leaking oil part). In the past, businesses may have been able to get away with using old, average data to get measurable results. But today — in a world that’s governed by a customer’s command of cutting-edge digital technology — the only way to remain competitive is to ensure your data is enriched, clean and accurate. Here are a few impactful reasons your business should jettison out-of-date information:

Quality Data Means Quality Results

Like oil is to a car, data is to strategic, targeted marketing operations (that’s the last car analogy, we promise). Enhanced data like smarketing, big data and predictive analytics aren’t just hollow terms being thrown around for the sake of it. They’re true industry innovations that are redefining what marketing can do for the growth of a business. By doing away with inaccurate, redundant customer data in favour of a bespoke database, you set yourself up for demonstrably better results, relevancy, retention and engagement.

Enhanced Data Promotes Internal Collaboration

Smarketing is the marriage of sales and marketing — an internal alignment that many CEOs have been championing for years for greater operational efficiency. So why now? The sheer amount of quality data necessitates that previously siloed departments smash down the proverbial walls of division and start working together. The resultant union sees one data-driven, sales-focused engine that improves ROI by creating a single customer view. But this can only happen when the marketing data you’re using is of high quality.

Customised vs Generic — Which Database Should You Choose?

While there are a plethora of data options on the market, we’d advise against purchasing generic lists. These databases give you a false impression of the market and— more often than not — put you in contact with people who are not interested in what you have to say! On the other hand, custom databases tend to be smaller, easier to manage, and allow you to segment your audience for greater relevance. Supplementing your current data with fields that enhance your knowledge of prospects and clients is another effective means of data enrichment.

With quality data as the lifeblood of your telesales marketing efforts, you give yourself a far better chance of converting prospects into customers. For further insight, please download our free guide.

GCL Direct understands how important it is to have accurate, relevant marketing data informing your strategy. Our services — honed by 28 years of experience — guarantee improved ROI through data cleaning, data enhancement, a new bespoke database, and data management. Find out what we can do for you by getting in touch with one of our specialists.

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