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Why B2B Events Are Critical To Success In The Age Of Digital Marketing

James Crowder | 19 December 2018

Digital marketing has found a way to connect with users in a variety of online spaces. Log onto a news site and a pop up will appear from their latest advertiser. Check the score for the baseball game on your mobile and banners will entice you to buy their merchandise. An email will arrive in your inbox reminding you about the item you didn’t check out on your favourite online store. While this can help you reach a potential customer, the downside to this approach is online advertising “overload” — specifically how people are consciously or subconsciously filtering it out.

Many B2B marketers are aware of this dilemma, which is why they have turned their focus to another solution: increased spending on corporate events. Despite the increasing costs associated with events like trade show and conferences, they offer a B2B company many benefits.

In this blog, we explore a few of the advantages they offer to B2B organisations:

1. They Increase Brand Awareness

B2B events are a key tool in growing the awareness of your brand. For example, if you take part in a major industry trade show, your brand will be seen as a major organisation just by participating with other large brands. In addition to this, your presence at the event will connect you with attendees who may not have been aware of your brand previously. Hosting your own dedicated event also offers many of the benefits of an industry trade show, without having to worry about your competitors’ presence at the event.  

2. They Create Lucrative Lead Generation Opportunities

Lead generation at a B2B event is more effective than many other marketing methods, since the majority of attendees are interested in your industry, and are therefore quite likely to be interested in your products.

The human element, in the form of a face-to-face interaction, also leads to increased marketing and sales qualified leads. These interactions give you the opportunity to educate buyers about your product and to answer queries immediately, enhancing the lead generation process.

3. They Promote Networking Opportunities

As we’ve already discussed, events like conferences and trade shows will draw in an audience that is primarily connected to your industry. This doesn’t only exist as an opportunity to promote and sell your products, but to also connect and grow relationships with other companies. Industry events will put you in an environment where you can engage with organisations you’ve never interacted with before, as well as deepening your relationships with existing contacts by connecting with other individuals in a company.

These are just a few of the ways events can help your B2B company grow. To find out more about how you can make your event a success, be sure to download our guide Strategies For Maximising The Impact Of Event Communication.

If your organisation is launching a corporate event and is looking to increase its reach before, during and after the event, you can achieve this is with a B2B telemarketing partner. To find out more about how telemarketing can help you ensure the success of your event and increase your ROI, contact us today.

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